David E. Rouslin, Ph.D. - Psychotherapy East Bay
Thank you for visiting my website and my psychotherapy practice.

I hope you find information here that is helpful. I know that deciding to seek psychotherapy or counseling can be difficult, and choosing a therapist with whom to do this very personal and challenging work can be even harder. To help you make those decisions, let me tell you how I think about psychotherapy:

I believe that psychological or emotional problems are a normal part of being human. I believe that most people try to solve their problems based upon their best understanding of the information and opportunities they have available, and sometimes our chosen solutions become problems of their own. When a person suspects that this may be true for them or feels that they are stuck in a problem in spite of their best efforts, is a good time to seek consultation.

Research has clearly shown that most people benefit from psychotherapy although the time it takes to achieve those benefits varies widely depending on the nature, severity, and duration of the problem and on the strength of an individual's support system.

I view psychotherapy as a process of change that requires active collaboration between therapist and client. I do not think of myself as having preconceived correct answers, but, rather, as someone who can guide you in a thoughtful, compassionate exploration toward greater self-understanding and discovering your own, desired, healthy and lasting changes.